Dairy Farming Business Idea |How TO Start Cow Farming Business | Earn 5 Lakhs Per Month

By | July 31, 2019

Description Of Dairy Business :

Dairy cultivating is a class of rural, or creature farming venture, for long generation milk is so important for humen being .Today we are giving data about Milk Dairy Business. In this article, we will reveal to you how to begin dairy business. What things expected to focus on this To begin this business, what number of cows, how much land and how much will be required.It is a rewarding business, which can get enormous benefits because of the expanding and prepared market for dairy items.
What are the administration intends to begin Milk Dairy and how it makes a difference. Best of all, around here, endowment of 21-26 percent is given by the administration.So if you interested to start Dairy Business then read full article this article will help you in every step.

Creation Capacity :

You can begin this business with two or more cow for this short of milk dairy farm.The creation limit depends on the quality and number of cow raised on the ranch. Be that as it may, for 5 Cows, 8 ltrs of milk will be delivered as every cow. Then your daily milk produced is 5×8=40 Liters of milk for every day. In this business you can take Government loan around one lakh rupees. In this, 65 percent is given as advance for the benefit of the bank and 25 percent of the farming improvement directorate. Just 10 percent should apply from you. You can spare 40,000 rupees every year after fixes of creature feed, protection, bank advance and so on.

Capital Investment Requirements and Equipment :

In the upper point. We are already discussed the capital capacity to start this business.Indian government give you the big loan to start this business.If you want to start with 5 cow and one cow the price is 60000 rupees then your total investment around 3 lakhs on cow. An extraordinary investment is 50000 for cow home and food for the cow.

Then your total investment around 3.5 lakh to 4 lakh.

Profit Calculate :

Now we calculate the profit from this five cow.

One cow give you 8 litre milk per day then 5 cow give you 40ltr milk per day.

In Indian one litre milk market price is 38 to 40 rupees.

Then ,

40 little x 38 Rupees = 1,580/- Rs Per Day


1580 x 30 = 47,400/- Per Month

5 Cow Labour Cost & Cow Food

Monthly – 15,000/-

Your Profit : 47,400 – 15,000 = 32,400/-

32,400 Rs Profit on 5 Cow

If Your Cow Number is Gain Then Profit Will Gain Big

How & Where To Sell :

You can sale in every sweet shop and door to door.Otherwise you can launch your brand like Mother Dairy Amul etc

Market Analysis :

There is an intense interest for dairy items particularly in schools, medical clinics, family units, and Dairy handling industry. Now a days milk is so demandable for every people. In every market the milk quantity is decrease and demand of milk is increase. For this reason there is chance to make your carrier In this industry.

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