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By | July 29, 2019

What Is Meesho App ?

Friends Meesho App is a Product Reseling App. If you do not understand what is the Product Reseling App? So you explain it better. Meesho App is a platform where India’s Biggest Whole-sellers do their own products list. After adding your Profit Margin which products you and we can resell. I hope you understand so much. Now it comes to how you will resell the product?

How To Sell Meesho Product ?

It’s not a big deal to have a product resell today. You can do product resell in any way. Like there are many more ways on the Olx,Instagram, Facebook, and whatsapp to resell online product. Now the matter is over, how will you be able to resell the product at all? It is very easy to resell the product at the place of friends. I explain to you in the example of how to sell on WhatsApp.

Sell Your Product On WhatsApp

Suppose you have to sell products from Meesho App on WhatsApp. Then, after adding your Profit Margin, after sharing the product and photo of the product that you want to sell from Meesho App, share it on whatsapp with your friend. Then you can add your meesho product on your WhatsApp status when your friend see your status if your friend choose your product then your friend contact you on WhatsApp for order this product, then you will order that Product from Meesho App to Customer’s address. Then the Meesho App will give you that product to the customer and the customer will take the money and whatever profit margin you have, you will give it to your bank account. And tell you, there are thousands of categories on Meesho App. Whatever type of product you want to sell, you can do it.

1st download the meeshapp and create your account. 👇

Download Now

Make your account on Meesho App. Then you will be able to see how many thousands of products are available in cheap prices. If you want, you can buy those products for yourself too. The Products will get cheaper than Amazon and Flipkart.

So friends can also earn a lot from sitting Meesho App. I hope you have understood what is Meesho App and How To Earn Money from Meesho App.

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