Poteto Chips Business Idea | Step by Step Guide | Low Investment

By | July 30, 2019

About Poteto Chips Business :

The matter of chips in India has turned out to be mainstream. Everybody likes to eat potato chips. It sells serenely. Some notable brands like Less, Uncle Chips, Chips are accessible in the market now a days.It is accessible in numerous flavors. Their deals are additionally effectively done. At night toward the beginning of the day, you can eat chips as a tidbit. You can likewise make benefits by beginning this business at home. Please read carefully full article.

How To Start This Business ?

First of all you have to some space to start this business. In this business is little bit investment on raw material and machinery equipment.

Machinery Requirement :

Beginning chips making business requires a few sorts of apparatus to work effectively. Likewise, you will require around 400-500 square fit space to build up your hardware. The expense of apparatus relies upon the interest for the undertaking so pick machines shrewdly.

The Arrangements of bits of hardware are:

Potato stripping machines

Enhancing machine

Computerized potato slicer

Potato chips drier machine

Profound browning machine

Potato chips pressing machine

You can check the detail and cost of all machines at Indiamart.com

FASSAI Licence Required For Potato Chips Plant :

The industry of chips comes under the food content, so you need to get a license from FSSAI. This license should be for all food items. You will have to open a Current Account in the bank of your company name. For this, you have the Aadhaar card. In addition, VAT and GST will also have to be registered.

The full process of Potato Chips Making :

The creation procedure of potato chips needs to go with the six basic process.

The accompanying process are:-

1. Initially, you need to put all potatoes into the stripping machine. The stripping machine continues pivoting and with the assistance of water, it will strip all potatoes uniformly.

2. In the next process, every single stripped potato go into the robotized cutting machine which will cut all potatoes according to necessity. You can change the thickness of the slicer.

3. The third process is to dry all the cut potatoes and prepare them for profound searing. The programmed drying machine will dry every cut potato.

4. After every one of the potatoes are evaporated it goes into a huge profound browning machine for profound fricasseeing. The machine is prepared to do profound fricasseeing every single cut potato similarly.

5. All potato chips are prepared for the following procedure which is enhancing. Presently a specialist will move all chips into the enhancing machine with different flavors. The enhancing machine will coat all chips similarly.

6. This advance is bundling. The robotized bundling machine will weight, pack and fill the nitrogen gas in the parcel.

7.The last process is your chips was making successfully now ready for sale.

Sales & Marketing :

You can sell chips packets at wholesale stores. Apart from this, you can also supply on retail shops. You can also sell chips by opening a retail shop outside of where you have placed your factory. The option of online marketing is also very good. You have to create a website and you can sell your product only on that.

Aside from this, you can likewise sell your item at amazon. what’s more, other online e-commerce stage . You can make your business by making pages via Facebook and other networking media. You can likewise promote on the neighborhood page of the news paper to market chips. Requesting from enormous organizations can likewise make chips for them

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