JNTUK 1-2 Sem Results (R16, R13, R10) B.Tech/B.Pharm RV, RC 2018

JNTUK B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 1-2 SEM (R16, R13, R10) Revaluation/ Recounting results, 2018 – The post complete relates the content of the Revaluation/ Recounting results of the 1-2 Sem for both B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy students. So here is the info on the JNTUK 1-2 Sem Revaluation/ Recounting results of Examinations conducted in  2018. Now the results are released Soon. So you students please check-in to the link and get your result known. So far you are waiting for the results. The results firstly sent to your college and now you can view and take from the Principal of respective colleges. Now the candidates who are waiting for the results can follow the instructions below to check the results. So just follow the content of the page to get the complete results info and make sure you are following the page.

JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem RCRV Results, JNTUK 1-2 Sem RC RV Results
JNTUK B.TechB.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem RCRV Results

JNTUK B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem Revaluation/ Recounting results @ 2018

Students who applied and waiting for 1-2 Sem Revaluation/ Recounting, 2018 can follow the links to get known about the result information. These are the results for the students who applied for Revaluation and Recounting for the exams conducted in 2018. So simply follow the post to check the information.The JNTU Kakinada made some changes and released for the students who applied for re-correction. So hurry to check your results from the college administration. The results are out for the students of B.Tech and for the B.Pharmacy. So the results are out now then we are expecting the notification of the Supplementary. So please check out your results and be prepared. Make sure you check results from the college administration. So the results will only be available with colleges. So please be in touch with the management for your marks sheet.


Below we have provided the Instructions to check the results of JNTUK B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy exams conducted in  2018. There will be clear information if you follow the instructions. As of now we have the results for the branches EEE, ECE, CSE, IT, CIVIL & MECH etc., and remaining branches can also check the results from the link. So hurry to check the results. For the people new to our page follow the instructions if you are struck.


Instructions To check the Results and Guidelines to follow:

  • The revaluation/ Recounting results will not be given us
  • So visit your college and ask for the results from administration
  • So for your future reference take a copy it.
  • And check the result carefully.


JNTUK 1-2 Revaluation/ Recounting Results  2018 – Info

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem RC/RV Results 2018.
Category Recounting / Revaluation Results
Status Not Yet Released


The Following JNTUK B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2 Supply Exams RC / RV Results 2018 info:


  • JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem (R16)Regular/ Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.
  • JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem (R13) Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.
  • JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Sem (R10) Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.
  • JNTUK B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem (R16) Reg/Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.
  • JNTUK B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem (R13) Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.
  • JNTUK B.Pharmacy 1-2 Sem (R10) Supply Exam RC/ RV Results, 2018.


JNTUK 1-2 B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy Sem Revaluation/ Recounting Results, 2018

The results as of now are for the candidates who applied for the revaluation of 1-2 Sem RC/ RV both Regular and Supply. But as per the process if results announcement the results of Revaluation/ Recounting will be sent to colleges and the same we mentioned in the instructions. As of now the results of B.Tech and B.Pharmacy results are released and updated on the page Soon. So that you will check the following mentioned exam details from this page and we have given information about the process to check back your results. The above-mentioned results are released so far and for any information and mistakes in the post just comment us so that we will make changes to it. So we expect everyone is doing good. So follow our page to get daily updates from JNTUK. Th results are for the REGULATIONS OF R16, R13, R10.

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